WPF-WCF / Microsoft Technology

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a graphical programming model for rendering the user interface in Windows based applications by Microsoft. It uses DirectX and provides consistent programming model for building applications and separates the user interface from business logic. It uses a markup language known as XAML (derivative of XML).

A perfect combination of Visual studio and Expression Blends enables holistic Windows Presentation Foundation implementation. Most developers prefer Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to design and develop interactive and interesting Windows applications.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a runtime tool which leverages on set of APIs in the .Net Framework for building connected, service oriented applications. WCF facilitates development of coupled applications and supports distributed application development by providing a layered architecture.

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Why go for WPF-WCF?

Graphics, Video, Speech, Rich document WPF supports all multimedia.

Supports all resolution screen with the same competence.

Smoother graphics and enhanced performance.

Simplifies Modification and easy Deployment.


WCF/WPF Services

User Interface design and WPF application.

WCF-WPF application development.

Integrating audio and video with Windows media streaming.

Integrating WPF functionality for greater interactivity.

Support WPF-WCF Integration.