ASP.NET Core / Microsoft Technology

End-to-end ASP.Net Core services to ensure delivery of high-performance and process-oriented applications for building web apps, IoT apps, and mobile backends. ASP.NET Core, Microsoft’s entirely modernized development framework is significantly making new paths into development world.

In the world of cutting-edge technologies, Microsoft .NET is the first choice of application developers and organizations worldwide.With the recent release of ASP.NET Core, a free and open-source web framework of Microsoft.

With Microsoft ASP.NET core, ANGLER makes various architectural changes that makes the open source framework to look much leaner and simpler.

Why go for ASP.NET Core?

One of its biggest benefits of core is – performance. When you compile your code, it automatically optimize it in order to increase the performance.

Whenever new changes or updates come up, it becomes a compulsion to release a new framework version. core provides the command line, which support all major platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. core provides the development of various type of web applications, Mobile back-end, Internet of things apps.

Easy and quick integrations with third party APIs, web services and applications.


What We Offer


Build powerful, scalable web applications using ASP.NET Core, the next generation server-side application technology from Microsoft.

ASP.NET Framework to
ASP.NET Core Migration

Design an effective solution based on your product idea and requirements to use the best and most appropriate technologies, systems, and services.

Migration Services

ASP.NET Core and its ecosystem by moving your existing project from its back-end language to ASP.NET Core.

Maintenance & Support

We provide ASP.NET Core maintenance services with regular support, updates, enhancements, bug fixation, addition of any extensions, and so forth for the websites and applications.